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Presenting Weblink 1.4.2

It's fastest, safest and cutest, that's our bet!

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YRC Weblink supports a wide range of web standards support including HTML5, CSS, WebGL, Flash, Java and a lot more.

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That's the best security community plugin on Earth now bundled with YRC Weblink to provide you best out of the box security.

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The most awaited on air feature is now included in the bundle, sync your important information over air and retrieve whenever you need them.

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Powered by Rapid 9 Improved Engine, YRC Weblink is no more rough and slow, its blazing fast and smooth over pixels.

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Features you always love to use!

YRC Weblink offers a new branch of exiting features which you'll not find anywhere else.

New Aero UI

Weblink now has aero enabled chrome-like tabs and ever simple UI, its easy to manage and light to execute. It also inhertis Windows UI on different versions of Microsoft Windows.

WebGL Enabled Graphics

Weblink supports 3D Enabled WebGL graphics. Just on with your 3d Websites. Its among some of those browsers which support WebGL technology.
WebGL is currently stable.

Webpage as Application

Now no need to go to your favorite webpages again and again. Just save them as an application and they are up with a single click.
Its faster and quicker to reach favorite webpages.

OSPFC Security Manager

Oh! the best security, Weblink is fully powered by a line of OSPFC adaptations. We have designed it so, that you might not take a deep breath.

YRC Backup Manager

All your history, bookmarks, settings can now be exported with a encrypted package. Take them along with you.

Data Sync Enabled

Now no need to copy down your important information anywhere down, just start data sync, sync them and retrieve back them anywhere in the world.

The Summary

We feature a new way of accessing all the information you need, We call it summary, the way it summarizes all the content such that it feels too short.

Ever Simplest Settings

Remember that old settings bar, its all over, Now settings are user friendly, you just not need to study any sort of documentation.

Ready Website Information

All the basic Website & security information is now accessible with a single click and its so perfect. Just click and snap.

Easy Translation

With the all new inbuilt translator you just need to select the language and see the magic.
(Service Powered by Google Translate).

Turbo Downloader Enabled

Weblink comes with turbo downloader which is fast, easy and stunning. The downloader supports custom file downloading and many other features.

All new Notes

What id you find a favorite article or important information over the web?, Just save it as a note and sync. Your information ready for you.

Intelligent Autofill

Weblink now has a new intelligent autofill which detetcs fields and their ids and then fills it on the specefic page.

Secure Payment Autofill

Weblink offers a new secure website payment information fill, its hacker proof and prevents keyboard loggin or spying.

New Hanging Bar

The new hanging menu bar makes it easier to select options and execute tasks, just click on the options gear and it will hang.

Presenting Data Sync!

A new way to synchronize your data over the air!

Data Sync enables you to sync your important data like bookmarks, notes, browser settings and much more over the air. You can retrieve the data anywhere in the world by signing in to your YRCG Account and powering sync. Also you can share your information with friends, family and connected people.

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Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

These are the answers to frequent questions, if you have your own question look below for more information.

 Which os is supported?

YRC Weblink can run on all variants of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System for PC. It supports dual sets (32-64 Bit) from Windows XP SP 3 to Windows 8.1. Weblink requires Microsoft® Dot Net Framework 4.0 to be installed on client system.

 What ram is required?

Although Weblink has been designed to run perfectly and hassle free on lower end pc's but due to some aero plugins and native webpage rendering load it requires at least 512 MB of Ram and 1 GB is recommended.

 Which rendering engine?

YRC Weblink uses Chromium Web Rendering engine to render webpages via Awesomium's Native library. Currently it runs on latest chromium (not blink) engine.

 Is weblink secure?

That's what we are here for, Weblink has been designed so to prevent data leak through webpages and cookies. It also has world's safest encryption algorithm so you won't need to worry about your security. Also unlike other browsers Weblink doesn't allow any third party app to interact with dom components and modify or remove them. So its secure enough.

 Is it free to use?

Yes, Weblink is absolutely free to use. It's licensed over YRC End User License & Agreement (EULA) which has to be accepted before usage. We never charge you for anything except love!

 Where is support?

Yes we do have a support forum and its right here, you can read and follow up any answers you have been looking for also you can post your own questions.

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